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Rich Feller is Past-President National Career Development Association, a Distinguished Teaching Scholar of counseling and career development at Colorado State University, Speaker, Author and Thought Leader at

Portland Training

NCDA PDI #2- Disrupting Career Work

Below are 8 resources from your training to help bring your new knowledge to life and outline next steps!

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1. Complete Youscience Assessment

You should have received an invite to complete the 1:15 hr aptitude assessment program. If not, you will use “dummy data” to review YouScience results within a role play. It’s personally more useful if you use your own YouScience results but not mandatory. You will receive your results at the start of the PDi.

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2. Watch Youscience Clip

Please view 2 min clip about to gain insight to how YouScience changes our work. Addtnl YS training resources below

3. Watch WYAM Clip

Please view 3 min clip of the Who You Are Matters! game and review the website , if possible, to hear the power of playing the game.

4. Please view three clips of Dick Knowdell with a real client: Intake, Career Values and Motivated Skill Card Sorts, if possible. You will leave the PDi with free sets of the two card sets and other materials.





5. Who You Are Matters! Game kits AND training- Save $150! Here’s how:

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Follow these easy steps: go to

  1. Scroll to Facilitator Bundle and click on it

  2. Choose card set, and click "Add to cart"

  3. FOR TRAINING: In "Special instructions" let us know if you want to join Nov 19 or Feb 13. Training is recommended but optional.

  4. Click "Checkout" then enter your contact and shipping info

  5. DISCOUNT CODE. On the right enter 2kits-plustraining-ncda, and click "Apply". This discount code offers you $270 value for $120 plus shipping. We are rewarding you for the $150 you paid for the NCDA PDI#2.

  6. Enter Payment info and then click "Complete order". Questions? Please contact us at or call toll free 1.888.990.7360.

Get a Who You Are Matters! Facilitator's Bundle (2 game kits valued $170) PLUS Facilitator Training (half day, Nov 19, 2018 or Feb 13, 2019 valued $100) for $150 (+shipping)

6. Youscience Results training Video

Watch this 28 min. overview of how to interpret your results.

7. PDF of Slides from training


8. **NEXT STEPS** Post Training Zoom Call Sat. Nov. 17th 11am (ET)

Join us as we review the learnings from your workshop and share successes using the tools.

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