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Fort Collins, CO

Rich Feller is Past-President National Career Development Association, a Distinguished Teaching Scholar of counseling and career development at Colorado State University, Speaker, Author and Thought Leader at


Is it Your Genes or Passion? Uncovering “Best Fit” to Tell Your Career Story

Cyndy McDonald of Career Path interviews  Dr. Feller on why interest-only assessment is a social justice issue that many educators are not aware of. He shares how reducing “exposure bias”, identifying natural and stable aptitudes, and unfolding a person’s personal storytelling is an alternative, more accurate, career advising approach.  He delved deeper into his aptitude research with YouScience and gamification and storytelling with One Life Tools and how it helps students discover their VOICE to tell a better story and self-advocate. 


Pulitzer Prize winner, Hedrick Smith

Rich interviews Pulitzer Prize winner, Hedrick Smith in a 5 video series focused on the America Dream, Education, Political Clout, STEM, and The Dynamism of Long Term Thinking. 

How to Make Work Fulfilling Again

Podcast with Dr. Rich Feller  - How to Make Work Fulfilling Again

Scott and Pat from Money Matter's Academy interview Rich Feller for  key insights from a work expert with the Life Reimagined Institute, a renowned career consultant and the former president of the National Career Development Association.


Richard Leider

Rich interviews Richard Leider, bringing insights from a seasoned expert in the field of career development, purpose and meaning. Interviews can be found on Rich's YouTube channel.


HEROIC Mindset

Interview withRich Feller, Ph.D. "Our Two Stories of Life: Finding Possibilities with a HEROIC Mindset" by sallyjfox

In this interview Dr. Rich Feller, a thought leader in the area of career development and a founding expert with AARP’s Life Reimagined, explains his HEROIC model. Rich’s ideas and his model have helped thousands of people around the world create new possibilities  – and create new stories about their lives and career.

Dick Knowdell

Rich interviews Dick Knowdell, bringing insights about career coaching, The Knowdell Model, and the Knowdell card sort assessments from a seasoned expert in the field of career development. Interviews can be found on Rich's YouTube channel.